Thanks Dr. Christian and staff. I can’t believe the transformation in just a short 2 years. She loves her new smile!! See ya in a couple years with your next patient!
-Alesha Carsten


I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! They are amazing and always friendly. You will not regret your choice of picking them as your orthodontist! Nancy is a blessing sent from above! All these ladies are and Dr. Christian is great to work with. I am so happy with my choice!
-Leslie Williamson


We love this ortho clinic they are always on point. They make sure the job is done right. They also make sure each client feels appreciated and treated with respect. I have had 4 kids go here and I recommend them to everyone.
-Amanda L.


Two of our kids have gotten braces with Dr Christian. They now have a beautiful smile! The staff is excellent!
-Shelli Campbell


I had a great experience getting braces here. The staff is great and they straightened up my smile perfectly.
-Kaden Campbell


The office of Wayne Christian Orthodontics has been a wonderful office to work with. They have helped all of my kids with braces. The staff is very kind and Dr Christian is great! Thank you!!
-Rebecca Larson


Dr. Wayne Christian goes the extra mile to make my daughter’s teeth look perfect! His office staff is friendly and work well as a team to make it a great experience. Thank you!
-Allyson Holt


Yeah! Dr. C, Thank you. How amazing you could turn a severe underbite into normal teeth. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you to the office workers who handled all the insurance. It was a fantastic change; we were blown away.
-Talor Ward


“Dr. Christian has dedicated the last 30 months to giving me an absolutely beautiful smile. I was actually brought to tears when I looked in the mirror for the first time after my braces were removed. I’ve always looked forward to my orthodontist appointments mainly for the sensational women who work in Dr. Christian’s office. Everyone was always quick to smile and greet parents. I’m sad, knowing I won’t be visiting with these wonderful ladies any further. My overall outcome is so much more than I ever dreamed of. Dr. Christian was thorough and would not settle for anything less than perfect. Thank you all for everything. This entire office has surely changed my life (and my smile) forever!”


“I love going there to see their smiling faces and how happy they are to see us.”


“Ashley is my second child who has had braces at Dr. Christian’s office. The service and quality is exceptional. What is so outstanding is the office staff. Each one is compassionate, caring and wonderful to work with. Ashley’s teeth are beautiful and even though it’s been 8 years since David, my oldest son, had his braces off, his teeth are still beautiful. Thanks so much!”


“I like to smile now. I have more self confidence and everyone is very nice.”


“We would like to thank you all so much. Dr. Christian and his staff so great. My daughter’s teeth look beautiful. She can smile now and feel confident. Thank you all again.”


“In an age where the concept of service has left the service industry, Dr. Christian and his staff are a hallmark of service, compassion and professionalism. The office runs smoothly without rushing. The staff treats you with care and individuality, customized to your needs and personality. Dr. Christian’s work is superb and his chair side manner’s engaging. He wants you to have the smile you choose and will design your care to fit your toothy vision.”


“I only had my braces for a month and had only been to one appointment- the first one, when I had a brain injury just a few days before my second appointment. I woke up in ICU out of a coma, looked at my mother and said: “Mom, call Dr. Christian. I’m going to miss my appointment day after tomorrow.” That was one of the first things I did after I was released- went to my appointment! Dr. Christian’s office is fun and friendly. Our appointments are easy to schedule. Staff members are familiar, helpful and cooperative. My experience here has brought a beautiful smile and many friends!”


“Dr. Christian has created a state-of-the-art office. His staff is top-notch in patient care. They are personable and friendly in every aspect. I have known Dr. Christian for many years and he has treated my children for their orthodontic needs. Give his office a call for consultation. I believe he even does that at no cost! Thanks Dr. Christian!”


“Thank you for making me feel comfortable and welcome in your office on November 19 during my appointment to get a bottom retainer. I appreciate the efficiency and professionalism everyone showed me. It is a pleasure to encounter excellent customer service.”
-Amy Lyn


“Our experience with Dr. Christian and his entire staff has been excellent. We actually drive from Cedar City, but it has been worth all of the miles. Dr. Christian has given excellent treatment to our children, and his staff is unbelievable. They are very informative and always make you feel like one big happy family.”


“Dr. Christian and his assistants and office staff are friendly, efficient and experienced. As a patient I saw firsthand their quality work while creating a fun atmosphere. My son is now a patient. As a family we are enjoying better smiles. I would highly recommend Dr. Christian to anyone.”


“My daughter has been a patient in this office for the past two years and has never had any problems at all with appointments or payments. The staff is very friendly and pleasant. Home environment type office. They are very reasonable and willing to work with families with financial problems that arise. Will most definitely recommend others.”


“Dr. Christian’s office has been very good to work with. I plan on bringing all our children here. I know a big part of making it all work is the children doing their part in taking care of their mouths. That puts a responsibility on the parents too.”


“All the workers were so nice to me. Thank you everyone for putting braces on me. I am so glad now I get straight, pretty white teeth and smile!”


“I have had a great experience! From beginning to end, the employees have been like family. I will miss seeing them every 6-8 weeks, but will stop by and say, “Hi.” Definitely worth it all. So happy to experience it all with Dr. Christian. Thank you so much!”