This Brushing Video will teach you how to brush your teeth with braces and illustrate how to use a proxy brush to clean in between your braces.

This Flossing Braces video will teach you how to use a floss threader or superfloss to thread floss under the archwire of the braces and properly floss your teeth.

This Braces Problem video will cover common braces problems such as braces pain, sore teeth, loose or broken braces, and sharp, poking wires and how they can be handled at home.

Separators or spacers are tiny elastic rings that are placed in between two teeth. This video will introduce you to separators and teach you how to replace a separator if it happens to fall out.

This video will illustrate the proper technique for turning the Palatal Expander screw as well as common mistakes in activating the Palatal Expander.